It's called Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Also known as Affiliate Marketing

Honestly, this is where the money is if you're considering a work at home job that can approach a salary replacement (but it will take a while). The growth rate in this industry is really remarkable. The reason is because there are low barriers to entry. There are two major markets that you can specialize in: physical product, and information marketing.

Physical product -- You can have a website that sells just about anything but never carry any inventory. Seriously. You could sell toilets and bathroom sinks on your site and never actually touch one or ship one. You become an affiliate for a company that sells them and it can appear to your visitors that they are buying it from you. What really happens is that the customer actually is ordering it from the toilet company itself. There are many ways of doing this. You can refer the customer directly to the toilet manufacturer's site with an affiliate link attached and then when the customer buys, you get paid a commission because the customer was "cookied" by the toilet company on your behalf. Another way is to have what's called a data feed on your site that you get from the manufacturer. This allows your site to show all the products and prices and support materials. The customer even orders directly from your site and they pay by credit card through your link, but it's actually the toilet manufacturer that is paid. Or it could be you also. It just depends on how you set up your agreement with the manufacturer.

One easy way to do this is to become an affiliate for Amazon. They give you the right to sell their products on your site and you can even list particular products or categories of products. Then they pay you 6% or 10% commission on those products, depending on your agreement.

Information Marketing -- Information is valuable and people pay for it. Maybe the analogy is extreme, but it's what you do when you get a college education. You pay a LOT of money to an institution to gain information in your head. Then you can go use that information in the workplace and make money performing an educated service for a company (called a job). It's the same with information on the Internet. For example, the secret to losing weight is really simple. Want to know what it is? It's eat less and move more. That's it. But how many people shell out hundreds of dollars for special diets, books, online information etc. just to find that that it really all just boils down to eat less and move more.

But let's say that you've discovered some tricks for moving more that doesn't hurt so bad. I did this once. I discovered that I could get a killer workout by playing racquetball but I never really felt like I was working out. I was huffing and puffing but it was so much fun, I was surprised to see that I was losing weight in the process!

So maybe I could create an online product called "The Raquetball Weight-loss System" or something like that. Then I could create an ebook that taught people how to use racquetball to lose weight. I could create schedules for them, iPod music to listen to while they play, a directory to find partners to play with, etc. But the point is that I am creating an online product with the information in my head that other people would pay for.

I could do this in the work at home niche, or the exotic travel market, or the golf instruction market or the "how to get your boyfriend back" market. It doesn't matter. If you have great information in your head that others would pay for, it just makes sense to create a product and market it. And there are lot of sites out there that will teach you how to do just that.

But the entry level for this kind of Internet marketing is even easier. Just become an affiliate for other people who have already set up a site to teach people whatever they are good at. You could go to a place like Clickbank to find out how to sell their products for them. Then you get somewhere between 40% and 75% commission.

Many people will start off being an affiliate for a particular product. Then when they find out that they can be the product creator and make a lot more money, they make their own information product and start getting other affiliates to sell it for them. Which one do you think is more profitable? Yeah. You guessed it. Being the product owner is much more profitable. That should be your ultimate goal.

As the Internet grows and more and more people come online, this industry stands to grow at phenomenal rates. It is in this industry that the Internet produces the most new millionaires every year. The great thing is that these new millionaires are just regular people. They don't have business degrees, or extensive marketing experience. They're just people who got the right information and put it into action.

Pay-per-click affiliate programs are the most powerful home business opportunities available on the Internet. These types of businesses are easy to start. You can literally have one started within a week. There are some services that you can buy online that can have a website built for you in less than that time. Then you can get a simple ad campaign going and you can have traffic and sales within a day or so.

To set your expectation level, realistically, you won't start off making a $1000 a day, but as you learn the business, gain new skills and add momentum to your strategies, there literally is no limit to the profit potential.

My favorite part about this type of home business is that it continues to work for you even when you're not working. Your website is like a little salesman out there for you constantly telling people about your product, even while you're at your day job (or the movies, or wherever). The people who are running one of these businesses consistently say that the most enjoyable part is waking up each morning and seeing how much money they made overnight while they were asleep. That part really is true. You set up a site that sells for you, takes orders for you and even ships for you.

The customer service you usually have to handle, but you can also get a service that will do that for you.

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