You're About to Lose 97 Bucks

I'm dead serious. That's the cost of most Work from Home ideas and you're about to give your hard-earned 97 dollars to some Internet scammer because he's convinced you that he can tell you how to make a lot of money starting a new kind of home business on the Internet.

You've probably seen dozens of them. They show you check stubs, and daily revenues and promise you mansions, lear jets, pools and fast cars. "Just send me the low one-time fee of $97 and I'll show you how you can make $2000 every day working only 30 minutes a day!"

Don't be discouraged though. You really can learn how to make $1000's on the Internet. I can help you find solid, effective work from home business ideas. The first step is finding the answer to this question:

If you're like most people, you don't know. The reason is because these webmasters are so slick with their sales pitches. Keep reading though, and you'll find out how to smoke out the scammers.

You do know however that people are making a great living every day from home with Internet businesses. You probably even know some of these people. I'm one of them in fact.

And believe me, there is absolutely no reason why you can't create a very profitable work from home business yourself.

That's what you're searching for right now, and I have good news for you. You can! And it's not that difficult.

You see, here's the problem: the scammers out there mess everything up for you. You probably suspected that most of the business opportunities on the Internet today are scams. You are absolutely right about that.

Most of the other 10% are of limited value (although the idea behind them is sound--I'll explain later what I mean).

The reason that 90% of them are scams is because work from home business scamming is wildly successful. Worldwide, over 400,000 people--people just like you--search the Internet every day for a way to make more money. And there are hundreds of greedy webmasters out there ready to grab them with flashy websites and fool them into buying their scam work from home business.

You don't have to guess anymore. I'm going to help you find what you're looking for and I will NEVER charge you a penny for it. Let me repeat that. I am not selling anything. All you get from me is the truth about which businesses are scams and which are not.

My name is Scott Edward. I've done the research. I know the scams. I have helped literally thousands of people find just the right work at home solution for themselves. I know which business models work on the Internet and which ones don't. And I'm telling.

I have been evaluating Internet home business models for almost as long as they have been around. I'm telling you with 100% honesty, that at least 90% scams. At least!

But you don't have to fall into their traps. Before you buy into a home business opportunity, you owe it to yourself to find out the truth.

Truth: There's hope. There are some websites that offer legitimate work from home business models.

Truth: There are hundreds of webmasters out there who trick people into buying into their scam business.

Truth: At best, you have a 1 in 10 chance to find a legitimate money making business (because over 90% are scams).

Truth: It is incredibly easy to put together an ebook and sell it on the Internet. Anyone can call themselves an expert and offer to sell you their secret system for $97 (today only!).

Truth: Most people who buy a scam never ask for refund. The reason is because they don't remember how, or they get busy and forget about it.

Truth: The "rich" webmaster puts pictures of cars, homes, yachts, pools, etc. on their website. Do you think they really own these? Not likely.

Truth: Testimonials are most often fabricated. Even though this is highly illegal, no one ever takes the time and effort to prosecute for this kind of fraud, so webmasters get away with it.

Truth: Your money is valuable, but your TIME is far more valuable.

That last point is crucial. You just don't have the time to waste. You could spend your $97 on that home business ebook, but you will never get back the time it took you to read it and figure out that it wasn't going to work. That is time that you could have spent with your family or friends. Or, time you could have invested in getting a head start on a program that WILL work. You don't have that time to waste.

Cut the fluff. Get to it. Don't waste your time or money.

Find out now which business opportunities will work and which ones won't. That's what I'm prepared to help you with.

I've got two indispensable free offers for you.

First, a free email mini-course on how to pick out the work from home business plans that are scams. I could give you a long list of the websites that are scams, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to do better than that. I'm going to teach YOU how to spot them. There are several tell-tale signs that, once you know them, will shout in loud words,

"This is a scam! Leave this website immediately!"

It takes 7 days for the e-course. I send you one email a day. I NEVER share your email address with anyone. I promise you that. I just won't do that to people.

The 7 day course is called "The Seven Secrets of Internet Seduction." Every day for the next seven days you will learn a new, subversive trick that webmasters will use to make you believe that they deserve your money. Some of these will shock you. If you don't know these persuasive secrets, you will very likely fall into a scam. Protect yourself and sign up for the ecourse today. You've got nothing to lose.


The Seven Secrets of
Internet Seduction

These are the secrets that webmasters use
to get you to buy their scam home business.
If you know the secrets, you won't be fooled
Start the 7-day email course today.
Stop the scammers in their tracks!
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Here's what my readers are saying:

Scott, you have given me the solid information and
encouragement that will keep me pointed in the direction
of my dream, which is to develop a full time home business.


-- Valerie Peters
San Diego, CA

Thank you for your website and email course--it makes me feel like I am not alone and vulnerable out there.


-- Sara Halbert
Spring Creek, NV

I found your website by accident. Great info in the emails.
I just wish I had found it a year ago :) I might still have some money in my account.
-- Renee Petty
Winnsboro, SC


Why am I doing this? Why would I go to all this trouble and give away all this information for free? It's simple really. I just got really tired of all the scams out there taking people's money. I got scammed myself and lost a lot of money, so I wanted to do something about it and take away at least a small part of their business by educating others. It is my hope that you will benefit from what I'm uncovering about how the scams suck you in.

This 7-day e-course is absolutely free.

  • No strings attached
  • No commitments
  • No obligations
  • Free means free

The information in the e-course is what I wish someone had told me
when I started looking for a legitimate home business opportunity.

Sign-up in the box above right now.
It's what no one else is telling you.

Many of the people that come to my website are ready to get started right now. If so, that where the second free tool comes in. In my own search for a great way to work at home, I went out and bought nearly a hundred different home business opportunities. I evaluated them all for myself and some friends and I found some interesting things:

First I found out that, as you can guess, most were scams (I had a lot of opportunities to test out the money-back guarantees!)

Next, I found that a whole lot of them were pretty much the same thing. For instance, there are a LOT of people selling Pay-Per-Click strategies under different names. Most of them are of limited value because they are hacks of the best ones. This is what I mean by the 10% I referred to earlier. They've got the right idea, and I have no doubt that they have made the money they say they have. But their product is awful.

These "limited value" products were of low quality for several reasons: they gave skimpy information, they were difficult to understand, used too much jargon, offered no support, or were reluctant to give refunds. Several of them were fairly new to the Internet Marketing industry themselves. They had jumped in, made a lot of money and thought they could start making more money by selling their knowledge. The problem is that their knowledge is somewhat limited still. You can tell that by reading their work compared to the ones who have been around a while and really know their stuff.

There were only a few that provided what the customer really needed: good information and easy to understand step-by-step instructions about how to get started in a profitable business.

I enlisted the help of other people and we performed full-blown evaluations of each of these biz opps.

We tested everything. We tested their profitability claims.

We tested their ease of understanding.

We tested their ease of implementation.

We tested all their strategies.

We tested their honesty.

I even tested their refund policies. I am happy to say that they all passed. I asked for my money back and I got it on the first request each time (except for the Rich Jerk--that took two requests).

I made them all prove their promises. For the ones that really performed--I wrote full end-to-end evaluations so others could benefit from what we found. For your convenience I broke them up into categories. Check out the ones that interest you:

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing -- ways to help people find what they are looking for on the Internet and making a commission in the process. This is the most lucrative of the types of biz opps we review.

Get Paid to Take Surveys -- you can get paid to take surveys. Seriously, you sit there at the computer, take on-line surveys and get paid.

Mystery Shopping -- for those who like to eat out and/or go shopping, you can get paid to do it. AND you get reimbursed for the things you buy.

Profiting with eBay -- if you thought that you could make a good business out of selling on eBay, you don't have a clue. There are ways to make huge amounts of money on eBay that I guarantee you haven't thought of yet.

Hot! -- I am always looking for new online business opportunities to evaluate. These are the current rising stars and we have them in the evaluation process right now.

Look, here's the deal. There are so many scammers out there on the Internet. I just can't do anything about that. But I realized that I could do something about my little corner of the web. I wanted to give you the real information, based on the real products, reviewed by real live people.

Get started now. Pick the category that most interests you: Pay-per-click (my favorite), Surveys, Shopping or eBay. Read the reviews and see which ones really resonate with you. I've included the ones from the Pay-per-click category below. The simple truth is that these are the most profitable biz ops out there (and the most fun).

Let me encourage you to TAKE ACTION! Just pick the most appealing offer and do something about it. That really is the ONLY difference between people who start making their living from home on the Internet and people who go back to jobs they hate and dull their pain with their TVs.

It almost doesn't matter which opportunity you pick. If you take action and do what the program tells you, you'll be surprised how quickly you can become profitable. And believe me, that's a good feeling.

Here are the ratings for the Pay-per-click strategies:

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