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I Went to See a Movie and Made 300 Dollars

You know you have a cushy job when you can make money even when you're not working. Especially when you make LOTS of money when you're not working.

It's always hard for me to tell people what I do. They ask about my hours and how much I work. I sometimes say that I work about 3 hours a day. But sometimes I say that I work every hour of every day--24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both are true.

I sit down and get some work done for about 3 hours most weekdays. Usually in the afternoon while my toddler son is taking his nap. I do all kinds of things, but it's mostly creative work. Honestly, sometimes it's not all that easy. I'm the one coming up with new ideas to make money. I don't report my hours or punch a clock. I don't have someone telling me what has to be done next. That is both a blessing and a curse because I'm the boss and I have to perform, or I don't make money. I love setting my own schedule, but I have to be responsible and keep myself on task. No one else is going to do it.

What do I do? I do Internet Marketing. Basically, I help people find what they are looking for on the Internet. Google and I love each other because we both have the same purpose--help the user find what he or she needs to find. Google and I cooperate a lot to give the user the best, most relevant experience possible.

Doing business on the Internet is awesome!

If someone is looking for a great way to work at home, I help them find it. I went out and evaluated all the work at home programs and posted a review on the ones that I found to be the best. The user appreciates the research I did. They come looking for information and if they find an ad on the site that they think might help them, they click that ad and I get paid.

If someone is looking for an answer to a problem they are having with managing their digital photographs, they find another one of my websites. They find an article that answers their problem. They see that other people have posted other answers to the same problem. They find out that one particular software package solves their problem for them and they follow the link to the company that sells the software. They buy it, download it and voila, their problem is solved. I'm happy (because I got 4% commission on the sale), the software company is happy because they made a sale and never did anything to go get the customer, and most importantly, the customer is happy because they found the solution to their problem!

What a great business!

My computer was at home working for me while I was at the movie with my wife last Monday night. We came home from the movie that night and I checked my numbers. I had made over $300 during the 3 hours we were gone! That was a bit unusual for me, but it still happened! We were elated. We decided we would go to the movies more on Monday nights!

And the great thing is that the whole time I was just helping other people find what they were looking for on the Internet. What a great job!

If you want to know how to get started on a job like this, check out the pay-per-click opportunities like Mack Michaels' Maverick Money Makers. That's the most open and honest education available on Internet Marketing (and you get a free money-making website up and running and ready to make money tonight).

p.s. I just checked and I made 60 dollars while I wrote this article. Did I say I LOVE this business?! I know this sounds too good to be true, but it really happened.


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