Four Home Business Ideas That Really Do Work

So you've scouted the Internet for THE successful home business idea that will catapult you into instant fame and fortune. After coming across more home business opportunities than you thought existed are you now completely confused as to what you should do? The biggest problem potential work at homers face is deciding which business idea really works.

Most websites make tall claims about being one of the best small business opportunities on the Internet and how their clients started making thousands of dollars from day one. For a new Internet entrepreneur it can be quite difficult to distinguish genuine Internet home business opportunities from Internet scams. To make things easy here are 4 profitable and successful home business ideas that really do work.

1. Mystery Shopping: Shop till you drop and get paid for doing it. As strange as that sounds, it is in fact true. There are companies that will pay you to shop at specific stores at your local mall or shopping center. All you need to do is visit the store and then fill out (online) a feedback form about the products and services. Then they send you a check for the new shirt you bought--and you keep the shirt!

With the revolution in the retail business, customer satisfaction has become the primary goal of most organizations. Contracting regular people like you to visit their stores and restaurants and provide feedback on how to improve their products is the only way these organizations can improve their customer satisfaction levels. It really is an example of a true win-win situation.

2. eBay Auctions: You may have never fancied yourself as an online seller of products, but the eBay opportunity is really too good to miss. There are many people who have hit the six-figure mark by selling on eBay. These are not sales people or business owners--they are normal everyday people who have taken advantage of the eBay phenomenon--and there is still plenty of room for new sellers. This type of work requires dedication and determination but once you learn the right tricks things become much easier. Perhaps not as much fun as mystery shopping, but the pay-offs are much larger.

3. Internet Marketing Programs: If you haven't heard of this, you'll be surprised how you can set up a system on the Internet that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making money while you're off doing whatever you want to do. The best part about affiliate marketing programs is that they gain momentum. So when you start you may earn just a few dollars a day but the more time you let it run, the greater the returns. There is a learning curve involved so be sure and get a good education.

4. Paid Surveys: And you thought your opinion wasn't worth anything! Large corporations are always wanting to know what people think about various products, events and services. In effect, they are looking to get the opinion and feedback of the general public. You can get all the info you need at a site like Survey Money Machines.

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