Be careful as you search the Internet looking for legit business ideas. We've put this site together to give you an idea of the kinds of business opportunities that are out there and what's legit and what's not. Of course it can't be an exhaustive resource, but we can show you what has worked for us and what doesn't.

You'll find a lot of people online that want to sell you their business idea for $49 or so. Usually what you are buying is an ebook that teaches you how to start an online business. The truth is that many of these are legit. I know because I know a lot of the people who create these sites. I meet them at business conferences and Internet Marketing seminars.

But there is something that they are not telling you. What they are offering (at least in most cases) is usually legit and you really can make money if you put the training into action, but the way the system works is that they KNOW that most people are not going to extend the effort it takes to actually do what they are teaching. It's just human nature to "buy hope." But then most of us never do anything with it.

So we get excited about having a home business, buy that $49 ebook, print it out and then put it on the shelf as "hope-ware." We hope that someday we'll take it down and read it and do something with it.

The website owner pockets your $49 or whatever and never has to give you any customer support, followup, or any more training. The reason is because most people spend the money (which is of just the right amount to hover under the radar on our credit card statements when we get them), put the "hope ware" on the shelf, get busy with other things in their life and forget about asking for a refund, or even trying to find out how to ask for a refund. For $49, it's often just not worth the time and effort.

It's true isn't it! Maybe you've done that yourself. I know I have.

So let me just help you to determine what to look for and what to avoid.

Can you make money on the Internet? Yes. The Internet is full of sites with people doing just that. Sites about pet products, mobile phones, information marketing, gift baskets, dog training. You name it. A surprising number of these kinds of sites really are run out of someone's home.

Do most people who buy a $49 ebook starting making money day one? No. They do not. It's just like anything else. It takes some studying and experimenting. I know very few people who made money their first month.

There is no reason why you can't do it though. It's just that the odds are against you. Despite what all the ads say that show you fast cars, mansions and yachts, you do have to work at it.

On this site you'll find several categories of types of home business opportunities. Some make more money than others. Here are the categories:

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing -- ways to help people find what they are looking for on the Internet and making a commission in the process. This is the most lucrative of the types of biz opps we review.

Get Paid to Take Surveys -- you can get paid to take surveys. It's not as much as most survey sites would lead you to believe, but it is a legit opportunity.

Mystery Shopping -- for those who like to eat out and/or go shopping, you can get paid to do it. AND you get reimbursed for the things you buy.

Profiting with eBay --eBay isn't what it used to be. It's still a great place to auction off items that you want to sell, and you can still make a nice business out of it, but it's harder than it used to be.

Of course there are many other ways to make money on the Internet as well. We'll start with these and expand in the future.

Here are some interesting (and disturbing) facts about home business ideas on the Internet:

Do you really want to know the truth

Fact: There are some websites that offer legitimate home business models.

Fact: There are hundreds of webmasters out there who trick people into buying into their scam business.

Fact: Even the legit biz ops (as they are known in the industry) are never as easy to learn and profit from as the website tries to indicate.

Fact: It is incredibly easy to put together an ebook and sell it on the Internet. Anyone can call themselves an expert and offer to sell you their secret system for $49.

Fact: Most people who buy a home business ebook never ask for refund. The reason is because they don't remember how, or they get busy and forget about it.

Fact: The "rich" webmaster puts pictures of cars, homes, yachts, pools, etc. on their home business opportunity website. Do you think they really own these? In most cases, no.

Fact: Testimonials are most often fabricated. Even though this is highly illegal and the FTC is cracking down on offenders as best they can, no one ever really knows if they are fake or not, so webmasters get away with it.

Fact: Your money is valuable, but your TIME is far more valuable.

That last point is crucial. You just don't have the time to waste. You could spend your $49 on that home business opportunity ebook, but you will never get back the time it took you to read it and figure out that it wasn't going to work. That is time that you could have spent with your family or friends. Or, time you could have invested in getting a head start on a legitimate home business opportunity that WILL work. You don't have that time to waste.

Pick the category you want to learn more about: Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing, Taking Surveys Online, Mystery Shopping, or eBay businesses.

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