The Rich Jerk: Is it a Scam or Can You Make Money at This?

The Rich Jerk is now finally defunct, but so many people are curious about him still that we decided to pull back the curtain on his site:

Is he really rich? Yes. Very.

Is he a jerk? Well, not as much as he would like you to think he is.

Who is the Rich Jerk? His name is Kelly Felix. He lives in California and he's been an Internet Marketer for several years. He's good at what he does. That is not him in the commercials. That's an actor. Kelly sold Rich Jerk to Ryan Kaltman in 2009. Ryan ran it for a while, but has since shut the site down. If you visit the site now, all you can do is be creatively insulted and submit your name and email for more information. We recommend refraining.

Is his ebook worth the price? It used to be.

What do you mean? He used to be the best in the industry, but the industry has outpaced him and he hasn't kept up. There are much better products out there now that teach affiliate marketing.

When did that happen? New products ousted the Rich Jerk out of the number one position at Clickbank in the Fall of 2006. (Clickbank is the payment processor that handles all the payments for information products like this)

Why did that happen? Two reasons really. First, The Rich Jerk got a little lazy and sat back and enjoyed the wealth a little too much. Second, several other people brought new ideas to the market that no one had taught before.

What does all this mean to me? What it means to you is that you could fall into the Rich Jerk hype if you want to. I've got to admit, it's catchy. Getting abused and insulted by a rich jerk is rather amusing. And the whole show has been very profitable for him. But honestly, it's getting old. His product is decent, but he spends so much time insulting you that you just have to wonder whether that time and effort would be better spent providing real value to the customers.

So what should I do? Stay away from the Rich Jerk. It was a product that had it's time. But there are much better educational tools out there now.

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