woman getting paid to shopHow to Make Mystery Shopping Fun and Profitable

Talk about easy work from home ideas, this one has got to be the most fun. Sign up with several mystery shopping companies, and you are off to a world of free shopping and eating out. You will be surprised how easy it is to start this work from home business--and how much fun it can be!

Following a few simple guidelines will make your new work from home business a big success.

1. Read your instructions.

Read all of the instructions and the report form that you will fill out later. Know ahead of time exactly where you are going and what kinds of things to keep an eye out for.

2. Maintain Anonymity.

You should remain anonymous at all times during a mystery shop. Do not take any forms or papers with you (especially reports you need to fill out for the company!). Try not to take notes or do anything that would identify you as a mystery shopper. Pretend that you are an ordinary shopper, just as you would if you were actually shopping or dining for yourself.

3. Fill out ALL paper work timely.

Complete and return any reports, audits or forms within 24 hours of completing the mystery shopping assignment. This way everything is fresh in your mind. Also many companies have a time limit for shoppers to fill out their reports.

4. Be committed.

Remember when you accept an assignment to mystery shop you are committing yourself to the job. Do not miss your shop date or perform it late. Fill out your report as soon as possible after the mystery shop.

5. Report, don't comment.

Your job as a mystery shopper is to report facts and details, not offer suggestions on fixing or improving company policies. Companies will use your reports to examine their own internal policies and work systems. It's very important to let them draw their own conclusions on such. Besides, it's faster if you just comment.

6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Try to report balanced observations. You should try to approach every mystery shop with a sense of neutrality. Try to offer your observations, not your opinions. Providing an excessively negative or positive report may imply that you did not carefully observe everything during your mystery shopping experience. Although this does not mean that you should not report a very positive or negative report, rather that your report should not be completely positive or completely negative.

7. Neatness counts.

Most reports are filled out on-line, but if you perform a shopping assignment that requires a paper report, always try to neatly print or type your reports so that they are legible. Be sure to read the instructions as some mystery shops may REQUIRE that you attach a typed sheet to the report.

8. Details, details, details...

As a mystery shopper you should try to remember and relate as many details and facts of the shop as you can. Being observant is very important.

Names of managers and employees are also especially important. Look at badges, sales receipts, etc. for names of employees. If you cannot get a name try to provide a good physical description such as sex, age, height, weight, and hair / eye color. For example: "we were served by an energetic young man in his 20's with bright red hair and wearing glasses."

9. Enjoy yourself.

Remember it may be work, but it can be fun too! Try to pretend that you are doing your mystery shop just as you would had you walked into the establishment to shop or dine for yourself.

10. Shop 'till you drop!

Mystery shopping can be a great way to make a second income or just provide a little extra spending cash. Have fun with it. Perform as many mystery shops as you can to make the most of this exciting job field!


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