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Have you ever toyed with the idea of earning big bucks in a work from home career? When you're stuck in rush hour traffic, the thought of how much you would love to work from home online crosses your mind over and over, doesn't it! Well here are some encouraging facts for you to mull over.

Did you know?

  • According to a survey conducted in May 2004, almost 21 million people worked from home.
  • Of these, a whopping 7 million were self-employed in their home!
  • Of the 7 million, nearly two thirds had a successful home business – a home business that was run solely from the home and no other location. And the numbers are only expected to grow.

Also, these statistics are for the U.S. alone. Can you imagine the figures worldwide?

If 7 million people can be making a living right out of their extra bedroom (or perhaps study, basement or even garage?) doing easy work from home ideas then what is stopping you? Running a home business has become increasingly profitable in recent years, and is the reason that everyday, more and more people are kissing their day job goodbye. If you met some of the people who are doing this, you would be telling yourself that there is absolutely no reason why you can't take advantage of the benefits of starting a profitable home business yourself!

Obviously you can start a home business whether you are married or single. If you are single, you have more discretionary time to devote to your new venture. But here is some especially encouraging information for those who are married:

  • Married people are more likely to start a work at home business than singles. This could be because married couples often like the idea of being able to balance their work schedules while maintaining their personal relationships. If a single person has no children or other family obligations, they are usually more than happy to reap the benefits that working in a social setting provides.
  • Parents are more likely to start a home business than couples with no children. A most obvious segment in this area is the relatively new ‘work at home moms’ phenomenon that has become so effective in the past few years. The ease of starting a work at home Internet business has allowed many moms to start a new business at home that they can run during the kids' naptime.

Here is another staggering statistic:

  • 8 in 10 people working from home use a computer.
  • Most of these were not computer professionals, but people who used email and web-browsers primarily.

So yes, you can take full advantage of your computer and use it to actually get you out of debt, pay your bills and buy you the new car you’ve so desperately been wanting.

In fact, working on the Internet is the cheapest, fastest and easiest method to start your own work from home income opportunity. A home business need not necessarily involve some kind of production of physical goods. It can even be a service based home business like data entry, taking surveys online and eBay auctions. One of the biggest benefits of home based businesses is of course that the initial outlay of cash is generally low and the pay-offs can be huge – as high as $100,000 a year! (or more in the case of pay-per click programs).

Don't forget the tax advantages!

Did you know that you can actually hire your children and then they can earn their allowance by working for you? This means that their allowance is now tax-deductible! And the tax advantages get even better than that. You can deduct part of your mortgage, your electricity and gas bill, even a car payment! Use your car's back window to advertise on that car and you might end up washing out your whole payment. You'd be driving a new car for free--just by working for yourself.

Given these statistics and the fact that millions of people across the country are making money working from home online, the odds are hugely in your favor. While a few years back this may have seemed like pure fantasy it is now within your reach. All you need to do is take the first easy step towards a secure financial future for you and your family. The rest as they say… will be history.

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