taking surveysThe Best and Most Profitable Ways to Take Surveys: An Easy Business to Start From Home

How many times have we ranted at the nightly news or quietly cursed the manufacturers of the products we use every day? If only we could bend the ear of the powers that be! But alas, no one will listen. Or will they?! Never before have people been able to have their opinions heard by such a vast audience and in such a convenient forum. Both commercially and publicly, survey websites are popping up all over the web and they are reaping the valuable information to be gained from public opinion every day.

Now here's the really excellent part. Everyone likes to put in his or her two-cent's worth, but wouldn't it be nice to actually get paid for it? With the advent of the Internet, more and more companies are reaching out to gain the input of consumers by administering surveys and focus groups and many of them are offering cash incentives. This might not be an opportunity to quit your day job immediately, but if you like to be heard, and the prospect of a few hundred dollars a month more is enticing, consider signing up with survey companies. This is an easy work from home idea, not to mention one of the very best ways we know of to work from home on line.

Not all of the online survey centers offer monetary or even merchandise rewards. Some are looking strictly for feedback on current events or popular opinion topics, but all of them allow you to be heard on issues that generally affect all people.

Most of the survey sites that offer cash or goods as incentives require a registration of the user. These are free, simple forms that ask for basic information such as name, e-mail address, location, age, education level and the like.

If you are considering taking surveys for pay, several simple ideas will make all the difference in your experience:

1. First, not all paid survey sites are genuine. There are a few who do pay their subscribers for taking the surveys. The hard part is finding them. It takes research and experience to find these sites. Don't waste your time--it's far better to pay the minimal fee that survey sites like SurveyScout or Survey Money Machine charge to point you to all the best survey sites.

2. Before you register with the survey companies, go get a free email account in addition to your normal account. Use this new account exclusively for surveys. This guards against distributing your email address too far and wide on the internet. Most survey companies will never share your email address, but it is a safe practice nonetheless. The other reason for doing this would be if you choose someday that you don't want to fill out surveys anymore, you don't have to notify each company to remove your primary email address from their databases. You just stop accessing your free address. You can get a free email address from many different places. Two suggestions would be www.gmail.com or www.yahoo.com.

3. After you access Survey Money Machine or SurveyScout.com, sign up for as many survey companies as possible. Since you are using your new email address, you won't worry about getting tons of emails. In fact, the more companies you sign up with, the more you get to pick and choose the surveys you like. This is why this is one of the best work from home jobs. You pick how much you want to work!

4. Take notice of which survey companies offer cash incentives vs. other types of prizes. They will usually state the kinds of incentives they offer on their registration page. The prizes and other incentives are usually very attractive however, because the companies involved are often able to deliver goods and services of higher retail value than cash.

5. Companies want market research from varying demographic groups at various times. Most surveys are gender-specific, so if you are female, you will miss out on the surveys targeted to males. If you're married, talk to your spouse to see if he/she is interested in taking the occasional survey as well. Teenagers' and children's opinions are also desired on many of the sites. Most sites will ask for age and gender information for every household member, so you don't have to sign up each member individually in these cases.

6. Be sure to opt-in for focus groups. These are either in-person, in which case you go to a marketing research center in your city, or in chat rooms on the internet. They can be particularly fun, especially when you find out that your opinion is shared by other people and that the company will likely make changes to their product or service because of your feedback.

7. Have a whole lot of fun. Taking surveys can be really fun when you realize that your opinion is valuable and can contribute to major product or service changes. Not to mention the fact that you're getting paid to do it!

This is an easy business to start from home. The ease of start-up and the quick pay-off make this one of the top home based business opportunities out there.


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